Airgun Shooting Practice

Airgun Shooting Practice

Rapid Airgun Training operates an outdoor 25/50-yard range, ideal for practice and zeroing for both air rifle practice & air pistol practice.

Complete a short induction session and you will be given access to our practice dates and then you can book practice sessions online! 

You are required to hold personal shooting insurance to book the range, insurances such as C3, BASC, SACS or CA. The insurance cover will have to be shown before the commencement of the shooting.

Rapid Airgun Training is a C3 Trade Associate and can offer instant 12-month cover for £32.95 if required in the future. Leading country sports insurance, at an unbeatable value for money. See the section below. 


Air rifle or air pistol practice is £12.50 for 4 hours per shooter. (Maximum 7 shooters)

A Range induction session is £5.00 for half an hour of induction. 

For induction sessions, you are covered by our insurance. 

This induction session is required to gain access to our practice dates.

You will be using your equipment etc. 

You will require your shooting insurance to shoot at the range. 

By making payment you agree to all Rapid Airgun Training’s terms and conditions and have read our range safety rules, disclaimer form  & Covid 19 guidelines. which will be emailed to you or downloaded below. 

All shooting is by appointment only, pre-booking and payment online only.

Listen to our Practice MP3