November 2023

 It's been a very busy month, well just over a month, starting with the MHSS Christmas Market. I had a quick shoot and enjoyed a pleasant time in the cafe meeting old friends, just a general relaxing time.

The following week I had a request to open the airgun range for my daughter’s friend, Matt, who had just purchased a Kral Puncher NP-02 in .22, which at 25 yards performed very well, very quiet. The only problem was the gun shop had supplied the wrong filler probe, so the session was cut a little short.

The next week, another fifty clays, it now seems Tuesday mornings are clay days. Mike and I did not shoot particularly well but after having debriefed in the cafe, Mike decided to book in for a five-lesson package, shooting over the next few months.

Last week Mike had his first lesson with John Barnett, owner of MHSS. Apparently, Mike had not gotten into any bad habits shooting under my wing, which was a relief! I shot with my daughter sharing the fifty clays. Then, we went to the cafe to end the morning before starting my ‘real job’.

 All of my remaining spare time has been spent launching a new website for Rapid Airgun Training. The ‘aim’ is to sell air rifle experiences directly to the general public. I already accept vouchers from six national Experience Day websites, so this will be added to the existing gift voucher side of the range.

Well, Tuesday will be here again very soon, another fifty is on the cards, I hope to break a few more this time!

Link to Shooting Gift Vouchers