BAM B4.22

Earlier this year I received a telephone call from a lady who was concerned about having an air rifle stored in her attic and wanted it disposing of.  The reason being, her house had just been sold.

A little reluctant to help her out, I asked her to WhatsApp me some photographs and any other details she had to hand.

Once I had received the photographs, there was a local range membership card dated 2012, tin of Spitfire pellets, SMK rifle slip and the mounted scope was a Hawke Sport HD 4X32.

A quick Google and it revealed it was a BAM B4 .22. Made in China and imported by SMK some years ago.

I decided to agree to collect it as the address was only a few miles drive away. The lady did not want any payment.

Once I had checked it over I went to our range and handed the rifle to my range instructor for him to zero.

He took two shots, both hit the bullseye at twenty-five yards!

The instructor did comment on the distance between the grip and trigger was too long for precise trigger control.

The rifle is now part of the range armoury, I doubt it will see much use but it’s a talking point if someone wants to purchase a cheap entry level springer.

Second hand priced at between £25.00 and £60.00, a bit of fun that won’t break the bank.